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Former Microsoft employee facing legal charges for passing trade secrets



Microsoft has managed to track down the former employee who leaked out Windows 8 RT and ARM software updates, along with the Microsoft Activation Server Software Development Kit. The employee, Alex Kibkalo, sent these images to an unnamed blogger who posted them on the web, generating interest for the product before release.

For the past two years Microsoft has been on a manhunt for the person involved internally leaking the documents. The company said in a statement they take their trade secrets seriously and will work with law officials to get Kibkalo in jail and fined for his crimes against the company.

Trade secrets are starting to become less of a closed doors thing, thanks to the amount of leakers willing to put their job on the line to reveal a few screenshots of the new UI or device. This has got a lot of people in trouble in the past, we recall the case Gizmodo had with the iPhone 4.

Kibkalo had been working at Microsoft for seven years and received a bad annual report, possibly leading the employee to lash out and start sending documents to the blogger in France. This is one of the first times we have heard of a leaker actually getting caught and may show the seriousness of the situation for Microsoft.

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Microsoft caught Kibkalo on his Hotmail account, where he had shared trade secrets with the blogger. The blogger’s name has not been disclosed and we are not sure if Microsoft will push for charges on him, considering he only received information and did not actively take it from the company.

Interestingly, Kibkalo has relocated to Russia and now works for another technology company. Nothing is set in stone, but the shift to Russia and move to another company after leaking the documents does appear to be quite solid evidence on Microsoft’s part.

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