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  • suntree-solar-charge

    Gadgets News - Videos, Reviews, Technology & More

    Suntree solar charger | All you need to know about it

    Suntree solar charger with 9 leaves The nine solar leaves charging tree is ideal to boost your mobile phone, and MP3 player battery. The polished handmade bamboo wood has a mini USB input slot and regular USB output slot... Read More

  • Amazing Gift Ideas

    Gadgets News - Videos, Reviews, Technology & More

    Choose Your Amazing Gift Ideas From 13 Trending Gadgets

    Giving gift is one of the most spectacular aspects of human beings. According to an economist, psychologists, marketers, and anthropologists, giving gifts enhances interaction in human beings. It strengthens the relationship between families, friends, and relatives. It is therefore... Read More

  • Fitbit Heart Rate Tracers are Highly Inaccurate

    Gadgets News - Videos, Reviews, Technology & More

    Fitbit Heart Rate Tracers are Highly Inaccurate

    Fitbit heart rate trackers are highly inaccurate devices as it has been claimed by so many sources. Fitbit Inc. company has been receiving complains about the devices from time to time. However the company has developed a deaf ear... Read More

  • AxiDraw

    Gadgets News - Videos, Reviews, Technology & More

    Make Your Personal Writing Easier and Perfect With the AxiDraw

    Despite all the technological innovations that have graced the world in terms of computers and fancy gadgets that helping writing, pens have not yet been scrapped off. There are still some situations that will call for you to hand-write... Read More

  • Documents For Android Wear

    Gadgets News - Videos, Reviews, Technology & More

    Documents For Android Wear: View Your Google Docs and PDFs

    Documents for Android Wear – What is it? Documents for Android Wear is a brand spanking new mobile application from renown developer Appfour that allows users to view you view your PDF’s or Google docs, slides and sheets on... Read More

  • Latest Wi-Fi Thermometer: Thermo

    Gadgets News - Videos, Reviews, Technology & More

    Latest Wi-Fi Thermometer: Thermo

    Monitoring the health of every family member is an important aspect of a happy family. Many devices have been introduced to help people gather health data safely and accurately. Thermo, the One Touch Wi-Fi Thermometer is one of the... Read More

  • Skulpt

    Gadgets News - Videos, Reviews, Technology & More

    Skulpt Review: The Effective Fitness Tracker

    Skulpt is an innovative technology that uses Electrical Impedance Myography (EIM) to analyze the percentage of fat and your muscle quality by sending a small current through one muscle at a time. Following frustrations as neurologists,Dr. Seward Rutkoveat Harvard... Read More

  • Jenu Plus Ultrasonic Infuser

    Gadgets News - Videos, Reviews, Technology & More

    Jenu Plus Ultrasonic Infuser Review: Ensuring Absorption Of Skin Products

    Beauty is definitely part of our daily routine. It could however prove strenuous when our regular daily treatment products do not give the desired results. Often than not the problem could be products like moisturizer, serums and creams sit... Read More

  • Hair Max

    Gadgets News - Videos, Reviews, Technology & More

    Hair Max Review: Does This Laser Comb Help In Hair Growth?

    Hair loss is a worldwide problem affecting both men and women. Hair loss is caused by many factors such as vitamin deficiencies, fungi, bacteria and traumatic alopecia. The causes of hair loss vary from each and every individual and... Read More

  • Belty

    Gadgets News - Videos, Reviews, Technology & More

    Belty Review: Try This Self-Adjusting Smarter Belt

    The Belty Good Vibes is hand stitched belt that integrates health, technology and fashion. It is a smart belt that incorporates artificial intelligence. A French startup called Emiota unveiled this excellent product in 2016 at the Electronic Consumer show.... Read More


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