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10 Best Ways to Extend Smartphone Battery Life

Do you notice your smartphone quickly draining out of battery than it used to? Whether you are using iPhone, Android phones, Blackberry, or Windows Phone, the more work these smartphones has to process as you use them, the more pressure its battery incur. So, how do you save up your smartphone battery so that it will last longer? Here are 10 of the best ways to extend your smartphone battery life:

  1. Decrease Brightness. You can preserve battery life by decreasing the brightness of your screen. You might find it unpleasant to the eyes at first, but you will get used to it quick. You could also set the lights to turn off automatically after a few seconds of not using your phone.
  2. Shut down unnecessary radios. You should turn of all the wire4less radios that you don’t need, including GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, cellular connectivity, etc. You can use “airplane mode” as the main setting of your phone. It will also charge up faster if you put it on airplane mode.
  3. Turn off “Push.” Find a way to turn off the “push” service of your smartphone. You can also just reduce it if you want. Android phones have an organized breakdown of the things that are using up your battery in the settings.
  4. Wi-fi over cellular connectivity. Use wi-fi over cellular connectivity when accessing online content. Wi-fi takes up less battery life than cellular connectivity.
  5. Lock your Smartphone. Always lock your smartphone when you are not using it. You will be wasting so much time if you accidentally pressed certain keys and apps while your phone is in your pocket. You can set this automatically if you want.
  6. Be frugal with apps. If you use apps that require your smartphone to process huge amount of memory and system functions like games and watching movies, it will drain your battery faster. If you use multiple apps at the same time, your battery will drain faster. Use your apps wisely.
  7. Close apps. Besides using your apps wisely, apps that are still opened will contribute to draining your battery faster. Close all your apps when not in use, don’t just swipe and return to the main page.
  8. Right temperature. If you smartphone is left in a very warm place or in a very cool location, it will drain your battery faster. It would be best to keep your phone in room temperature as much as possible.
  9. Update softwares. Smartphone manufacturers always come up with a new idea and product to help extend battery life, so keep up with the latest software updates and download them every now and then.
  10. Extra battery. Have fitted battery packs or always have portable lithium-ion battery booster.

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