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Alaska Approves Measure to Make Hunting Animals with Drones Illegal

It appears drones will not be used as hunting accessories anytime in the near future, with Alaska Board of Game approving a measure to make hunting animals with drones illegal in the state. The issue was brought up by the counsel after a moose killing was assisted by a drone in 2012, currently legal at the time.

Alaska is not the only state to start making sure drones aren’t used as hunting tools in the near future, Deer Trail, Colorado will also be voting in April to see if drones should be legally permitted as hunting tools, the same way a gun and other hunting gear is legally allowed.

The main reason for shutting down drone projects like this is become widespread and offer more incentive to start hunting, less because of the hunting and more to try out the drone technology and see if the hunting programs actually work.

Currently drone kits cost around $1,000, but Alaskans and representatives from other states believe as the price goes down, more pundits will be eager to try out the technology and go hunting by themselves, an issue for the different states to deal with, especially states with large hunting areas and groups.

The Alaskan law now makes sure animals cannot be trapped or tracked by drones, but there have been different ways to use drones when it comes to hunting, including PETA’s Air Angels program that tracks hunters and make sure they are not going for overkill or doing anything illegal while out hunting; this technology was made illegal in Illinois.

Commercial drones appear to be coming whether people like it or not, but at least hunting will be an area unaffected by drones. We have seen Amazon Prime Air and other commercial ideas on how to use drones.

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