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Apple might launch 12-inch MacBook Air in late-Q3

Apple is expecting to launch a new size of MacBook Air this year, alongside a redesign of the notebook range. Sadly, this will not ready when the new 11 and 13-inch MacBook come, in August, with new reports of a late-Q3 launch date.

The new 12-inch MacBook Air is having trouble with the next-generation Broadwell chip, according to Taiwan sources. Apple will delay it until Q3, but if Intel cannot fix the issues they might have to delay until 2015.

Apple is looking to have something in between the 11 and 13-inch MacBook Air options. The 12-inch MacBook Air should come around the same price point with the same internals, the size will be the only major feature change.

The MacBook Air changes will include the first redesign on the chassis since 2010. We expect this year’s MacBook Air to be slimmer than the last, along with a higher-resolution display and the latest Broadwell chips.

Broadwell will offer advantages in GPU and power usage from the previous Haswell range. Intel’s Tick Tock formula means this will be a smaller update, compared to Haswell over its predecessor, but still might bring higher performance to the MacBook Air.

Apple should end 2014 with a bang, the MacBook Air might be exciting, but it does not have anywhere close to the hype the iWatch and iPhone 6. Still, the new chassis design might draw more people to Mac, above Windows options.

The iMac might see a refresh for 2014, but we doubt it will be a design change, only a components upgrade. The MacBook Pro might see a weight loss and some changes to the chassis, to reflect the new design going onto the MacBook Air.

All of the new Mac products will come running Mac OS X Yosemite, the new redesign of the computer OS. This comes a new feature called Continuity, allowing OS and iOS users to swap devices and maintain the same work.

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