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Apple patents ‘iTime’ smartwatch concept

It looks like Apple’s wearable plans didn’t start last year, when people started talking about the Pebble and Samsung Gear, but way back in July 2011, when Apple filed a patent for iTime smartwatch concept.

The iTime smartwatch was filed at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, but has only became public in the past week. It looks like many of the concepts Apple are preparing to bring to the iWatch were documented in this patent. 

In the patent, Apple calls it an “electronic wristwatch” and says the band and mobile device will connect to other devices, like a PC, tablet or mobile device. There are sensors displayed on the strap, potentially meaning the strap will not be removable.

The interesting part of the patent involves gestures, Apple wants to implement different gestures to reply/decline calls. It is still not confirmed this will be a part of the iWatch, Apple patents a lot of features that never come to light.

Apple did trademark iWatch in several countries back in 2013, iTime on the other hand has not been trademarked in any countries. The iTime name only cropped up on a few patent sheets, but Apple never asked for this name to be trademarked.

iWatch should include a lot of health and fitness features, Apple has hired a few executives to work on the fitness aspects and will apparently add 10 sensors to the smartwatch, to make it more than the typical wearable.

Apple should be launching the iWatch later this year, perhaps in October or November. The smartwatch will come running iOS8, with all of the health and fitness features announced at WWDC earlier in the year.

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