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Apple Pushes Out iOS 7.1 Update For iPads And iPhones

Apple has released its first major update to its mobile operating system since November, iOS 7.1. The new update has a few tweaks to icons and some applications, alongside new support for Car Play, allowing supported cars to work with iPhones.

The update will roll out to iPhones, iPads and iPods. The iPhone 4 has been updated and Apple has worked hard to make sure software runs better on the old device. The company just recently announced they would be starting sales of the iPhone 4 once again in India.

Touch ID has had a few changes to make fingerprints more noticeable, after reports of some users fingerprint not being recognized. On the whole Apple’s fingerprint sensor seems to be the best one for mobile devices right now, working for most users who have bought the iPhone 5S.

Apple Pushes Out iOS 7.1

Siri has also been updated to allow users to manually tell the virtual assistant when you are finished talking. Previously, users would have to wait for Siri to auto-detect when the user has stopped speaking and then process the words, now it can be done manually, which is good in loud areas.

iTunes Radio and Camera have also had very minor updates, along with some icons being tweaked. The visual redesign on iOS7 was a big move by Apple and some of the platform did not feel fully finished, it looks like Apple is slowly plugging these issues.

The update is available for free and can be downloaded now on the device. The update is not a large one and will only take around 10 minutes on 4G connection, where we tested the update.

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