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Apple testing ARM processors on Macs, looking to move away from Intel

Apple is reportedly preparing to step away from Intel based processors in favor of their own ARM based solution and will look to step away from Intel as early as next year, with new steps to ensure the move will not be hard on the high-end machines.

Intel and Apple have had a relationship for a solid few decades on the desktop, but as Intel looks to contribute more to mobile and other areas, it appears they have stopped working to Apple’s standard and failed to create power consumption solutions.

This has pushed Apple onto ARM based processors, but the move has not just started this year. Reports from as early as 2011 questioned Intel’s future with Apple and said Cupertino was looking at add ARM processors onto their Macs and MacBooks, all they needed was time to configure the chips.

The problem with an ARM based processor is two fold, Intel is looking more promising with their next updates and ARM has not got the best report for the future of their processor and chips. This comes alongside issues with dual-boot, Windows will not work on an ARM processor.

Another new feature coming to the next MacBook’s will be a larger Magic Trackpad and Apple has worked on the keyboard to make the size stay the same, while adding a bigger trackpad. The current MacBook trackpad offers a good amount of space, but some users want to have more room to work.

The next MacBook Air will most likely be announced at Apple’s WWDC 2014 conference and the MacBook Pro will come later in the year, this is how Apple has worked on their Mac announcements for the past two years, but given the different launch windows for the iPhone and iPad it might be subject to change.

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