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Apple will reportedly launch the iPhone 6 on September 19

The iPhone 6 has been one of the most leaked device ever, after schematics of the phone found their way onto the Internet, 3D modelling studios started designing the iPhone 6 and we have already seen detailed looks at what the phone’s design.

Even though it feels like with all these rumors Apple will announce it soon, there is still two months before the expected launch date. New reports claim Apple will launch the iPhone 6 on September 19, a little later than expected.

September 19 fits in with Apple’s usual announcement date, but we expected that due to the iWatch coming later in the year, Apple would put more focus on getting the iPhone 6 out into the market earlier than previous years.

Apple would most likely launch the iPhone 6 in stores a week or two later, giving it an October market launch. This might be enough time in between launch dates for the iWatch to still get a lot of press and promotion, before the holiday season.

The iPhone 6 should come in two sizes, 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch, although the 5.5-inch model might not come until early 2015. Apple will be adding a new design onto the iPhone 6, making it look more like the iPad with curved edges.

Apple is looking big for the iPhone 6, early reports out of China claim Cupertino has requested 80 million units. Foxconn and Pegatron will be working on the iPhone 6 production, but a Taiwanese company will work on the iWatch.

iOS 8 will run on the iPhone 6, this will offer a new health app, various updates to apps, new APIs for developers to work on. Continuity will be added onto iOS 8, allowing Mac OS users to switch devices and not lose work.

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