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Make Your Personal Writing Easier and Perfect With the AxiDraw

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Despite all the technological innovations that have graced the world in terms of computers and fancy gadgets that helping writing, pens have not yet been scrapped off. There are still some situations that will call for you to hand-write something be it a letter, an invitation or a thank you note. Now, you may not be blessed with the most elegant of handwriting or if the copy you need to write may be too long. You obviously know how tedious writing by hand can be. In such cases, you may opt to look for someone else to do it for you. I mean, you wouldn’t want to write the address on your letter with a shaky handwriting that is even crooked.

However, you no longer have to go all through this hustle of hand-writing. Not with the AxiDraw machine in town. If you have not yet gotten this good news, then here you go.

Axidraw Personal Writing and Drawing Machine

In the words of its makers, the Mad Science Laboratories and Lindsay Wilson of IJ instruments limited, the AxiDraw machine is a simple, modern, precise and versatile pen plotter capable of writing or drawing on almost any surface. Now, what these words are trying to say is that this is a gadget that will cater for all your writing needs; will give you the illusion of a handwritten copy; easily and just the way you want it.

How Does It Work?

This gadget comes with a pen holder that can hold any type of writing pen from pencils, to marker pens and even edible markers. Yes you can even use it to inscribe those beautiful words on a cake for your loved ones.

Another awesome aspect of the AxiDraw is that it is easy to use. Almost anyone can pull it off. All you need is a computer and internet access. From the computer, download the InkScape software and install. You then connect the gadget to your computer with a USB cable and that your writing surface is well aligned with the pen holder. Also ensure that the AxiDraw is connected to a power source and you are set to go. From the computer, you can now type your words and the pen will write it down for you.

The good thing with this device is that it does not require any form of programming to operate. This makes ideal for all people even those who are fools when it comes to gadgets.

Why Buy It?


1. It Writes Perfectly

If there is something you should be thankful for, then it is that typing saved you from always squinting to read handwritten work. This gadget will ensure that your copies are nicely written and elegantly too. In addition, it can do all types of writings even calligraphy. So you are an organization that wants to award its members with certificates but no handwriting seems good enough? Then get the AxiDraw it will inscribe those names and words in such a warm manner that your workers will feel loved.

2. It Can Write On Almost All Surfaces

When its makers describe it as versatile they are not exaggerating. This is because the AxiDraw can write on all types of surfaces, big and small. From normal paper to white boards and even pastries, this gadget has got your back. All you need is a flat writing surface and you are good to go. It can even write on surfaces that are bigger than itself courtesy of its extendable writing head. Thus, if you have a presentation to do and you will need charts, then the AxiDraw is the gadget for you. No need to kill yourself trying to put those diagrams in place with your hands that have no sense of artistry in them.

3. It Can Use All Types Of Writing Utensils

This machine will not limit you to only one type of writing utensil, say marker pens. It will hold whatever utensil you have in mind provided it fits in its pen space. All you need to do is adjust the holder to fit your pen.

And lastly and most importantly, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It goes for around 450 dollars.


Penmanship has never been this easy. You no longer have to suffer trying to make those letters visible or at least appealing. Even better, you don’t need to write your hands sore. Not with the AxiDraw machine in town. This gadget will perfectly put down your ideas in an elegant manner but still with the illusion that the copy is handwritten. And it will do so in all types of surfaces and using whichever writing item you choose. This gadget is also extremely easy to use hence making it and all time ideal.

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