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Bose suing Beats Electronics over noise-cancellation patents

Beats Electronics is starting to accumulate a few complaints from companies and individuals after the $3 billion Apple acquisition last month. Bose is the latest in line to sue Beats, this time over noise-cancellation patents.

Bose claims the Beats patents infringe on fifty years of noise-cancellation research, issued by Bose. This overrides the five patents Beats issued in the past few years on noise-cancellation and now that the company is minted they want to seek damages.

The patents include 6,717,537 – “Method and apparatus for minimizing latency in digital signal processing systems”, 8,054,992 – “High frequency compensating”, 8,073,150 – “Dynamically configurable ANR signal processing topology”, 8,073,151 – “Dynamically configurable ANR filter block topology”, and 8,345,888 – “Digital high frequency phase compensation”.

Bose has not currently stated how much they would like from the damages, only looking for a court case first. Beats does have Apple behind its back now to deal with these charges, and Apple’s lawyers are known for their winning records in most cases.

The claims of research and development made by Bose mean nothing if they have not patent it themselves and made sure the exact function is the same as the Beats patent, this could end up being a loss for Bose, simply due to the way the patent system works in the United States.

Bose has been an incredible force for good in the audio world, many of their technologies have progressed the audio world. The only problem has been the vast amount of patents Bose hold in the audio world, something Beats potentially slipped up on.

This is not the first court case Beats might have to face in the near future, David Hyman, the CEO of MOG (now Beats Music) is suing the company for $20 million in damages to the firm, after Beats owners did not pay their cut to Hyman.


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