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Chromecast now Available in 11 More Countries

Google has finally moved to make the Chromecast available in more countries, after a good few months in the United States and buyers in other countries having to get by with import charges from the US and no features for their country available.

The UK will be the first country out of the eleven to get the Chromecast, plenty of tech stores offline and online are beginning to stock the device, selling it for £30. BBC iPlayer has already been updated to work with the Chromecast for users in the UK.

Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Sweden will all be getting the Chromecast in the upcoming weeks. This is a larger list than we first though and looks to be all about Europe, with Canada support added alongside.

We are not sure why it took Google so long to begin rolling out the Chromecast to other regions, especially with the hype around the device after launch, showing how you can play anything from the Chrome web browser onto a TV with the USB stick.

Right now, the support for the Chromecast is YouTube, Google Play Movies, Google Play Music, Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go. If the app is not natively supported by Chromecast, expect a little bit of lag to occur from time to time when the video plays back on the TV.

Google has released an SDK for developers to go wild and it won’t be long before we see some more music and movie options. Netflix is really the big name here and will allow users to watch videos from Netflix on a big TV, instead of a small laptop or tablet screen.

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