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Cloak is the perfect app for anti-social people

In the past five years, app developers have started to get more savvy with location services and connecting friends. Foursquare and Instagram are both new social platforms that integrate location and social features to make it a fun experience for people with places and pictures to share.

However, Cloak is the anti-social application, for people who want to stay as far away from these social beings as possible. Built as a kind of weird half tracking, half stay away from me app, the interface shows a map and any close friends in the area, including people you may want to stay away from.

It is a rather overboard solution to keeping away from people you don’t want to speak to and one we cannot really say is “groundbreaking” in terms of what it does, considering there was a website a few years ago that tracked Foursquare data and showed routes to keep away from those people.

What we really find weird is in a big world like this how often people think they will bump into other people they may know and how this could be awkward for them. Unless you happen to walk across the span of the city everyday, we doubt this will be a regular issue.

Cloak does have some interesting design and functionality aspects, but in our mind it is quite abnormal to actually use Cloak for more than a few seconds and could even lead to stalking people who regularly use Instagram and Foursquare, not keeping away from them.

This sort of location data is available for anyone once a user puts it out there, but drawing all that data in and providing a map seems a little odd to us. If someone really wants to be anti-social, just wear a hood and make sure to avoid eye-contact, no need to watch on the Cloak app 24/7 for any possible threat.

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