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Documents For Android Wear: View Your Google Docs and PDFs

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Last Updated: Aug 24, 2016

Documents for Android Wear – What is it?

Documents for Android Wear is a brand spanking new mobile application from renown developer Appfour that allows users to view you view your PDF’s or Google docs, slides and sheets on your Android Wearable smartwatch. You are not yet able to edit the docs, that has been promised for a future update but you can load and view the docs from a paired watch or from Google Docs itself. You can even open any PDF file from Wear Mail. The app can be supported on the major wearable makers including the Huawei Watch, ZenWatch 2 and ASUS Zen Watch; LG G Watch, Watch R, Fossil Q Founder, Tag Heuer Connected, Sony Smartwatch 3, Samsung Gear Life, Watch Urban and Motorola Moto 360, and Sony Smartwatch 3. This means that whether you have to read a client contract, review a presentation you are going to give or double-check the figures on a spreadsheet, this app claims to have most of your mobile office doc needs supported.

Why Make It?

Wearables aren’t for everyone and this new device is certainly not one for those of us with large fingers or bad eyesight. The wider market though has reacted well to wearables and alongside smart homes, is expected to make major leaps forward as a product category in 2016. Wearables really took off in 2015 and it seemed for some time that all the big companies were jumping on the bandwagon whilst not necessarily making any huge leaps forward. Early 2016 and the makers have started to lower their prices, opening up the market to a wider audience and a few makers have ventured into the luxury smartwatch genre. We are anticipating a sharp increase in wearable apps to fill the Google Play Store that both entice people because they’re cool and entertaining but also because they happen to be rather useful. Useful apps such as Documents for Android Wear have the ability to change how we operate on a daily basis. It’s not perfect that you have to view the details on such a small screen, when it seems all smartphones are getting bigger, but just sometimes it comes in useful enough when you can click just a few buttons and double check that document you were working on.

What Features Are Included?

Features of Viewer

Features of the viewer include very quick loading. It loads different documents on your smartwatch for offline viewing so you can catch up even if you don’t have Wi-Fi – available – Tap to zoom, pinch zoom, drag a document – and you can scroll down to see all document pages – Go to specific page by tapping on the page number – Share with Wear Mail action – Share on your phone action – Document details card – Delete document action – Open on phone action

Does It Cost Me Anything?

As with almost all apps these days, the application is free to initially download but in-app purchases are offered. Functionality will be restricted on the free version but you can drag a document, tap to zoom, pinch to zoom, scroll down, and go to a specific page. Loading time is fast and can be done even when offline. Other special actions include share on phone, open on phone, delete document, and document details card. Also available in the free version is the option to view Google docs, PDF’s, Excel sheets that are saved on your mobile device or even Google Drive. You only need to open the app and sign into your Google account to access the files that you need. To get the full version, you will need to stump up a $2.99 in-app purchase. People will never have to think about compatibility, though—Appfour supports every known brand of Android Wear watches.


Whilst the application is certainly pretty cool and possibly useful for those with long skinny fingers and astute eyes, it does fall into the impractical category. Why fiddle around on a complicated tiny screen when you can get your mobile out of your pocket because let’s face it, we are never without our smartphones these days. It’s not likely to be an application you depend upon although it is handy to have. Why squint at a 1.5inch screen when you can look at your 5.5 inch smartphone? Some doubted the wearables market would take off at all and it seems to go from strength to strength so it may well be that this becomes the must have application. One downside to this application is the fact that you have to shell out 2.99USD in order to use the application with full functionality; if it was free it might be worth squinting your eyes to see that document you were looking for.

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