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Does iPhone 6 Plus Really Have A Bending Problem?

Just a few days after its release on Friday, customers are complaining that the iPhone 6 Plus bends under pressure.

Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus boasts its lightness, thanks to its aluminium shell. However, another characteristic of aluminium may be a downside to the new Apple device. Aluminium is very malleable.bend25n-4-web

There are various forums, sites, videos, and articles online reporting that their new iPhone 6 Plus became warped after the owners bend or sit with the device in their front and back pockets.

Is this true? There are videos online that prove iPhone 6 Plus bends.

Lewis Hilsenteger from the popular YouTube channel “Unbox Theropy” decided to make a video to prove if the iPhone 6 Plus does bend. And, unfortunately, it did, with enough force.

In the video, Hilsenteger applied pressure using his fingers and thumbs on the very thin iPhone 6 Plus. He exerted some effort and noticed that there is a significant bend on the device, especially on the portion where the buttons on the side are.iphone6plusbent3

Hilsenteger said, the bottom line is that iPhone 6 Plus is an aluminium phone that will bend if you exert enough force in it.

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