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Drone Sports Ultrasound Navigation With 4K Video Is Finally Here

4K video is not a readily noticeable improvement over the plain old 1080p in most cases. For example, a close inspection of your friends’ bald spots, a sweeping pass over an alpine meadow, or an aerial fly-by of a Scottish moor would be three such cases. But all these can now be possible with the latest version of the DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone.

Very Powerful Camera

The drone’s camera can capture at either 24 or 30 frames per second when it is in 4K mode. It is also able to shoot 1080p video at 24 or 30 or 60 frames per second. There is another option, however. Those who can do without the 4K capabilities can use the step-down model called the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced that also offers video recording at 24, 30, or 60 frames per second.

Powerful Camera

The machines clock a top speed of about 35 mph hover around your apartment, and you will not need to use a GPS technology. The device uses a ground-facing positioning system that uses additional cameras and ultrasound to identify what it is flying over.


The cameras don’t come cheap. In fact, they cost as much as decent DSLR cameras. The most affordable DJI Phantom 3 Advanced comes in at $1,000 – with all the fixings. On the other hand, a 4K-capable Phantom 3 Professional is priced at $1,260.

Even though there is a difference in video resolution, both the models capture the same quality images when it comes to still photos, and they also have the same size sensor. Each version hosts a Sony ½.3-inch type sensor, almost the same size as those found in most point-and-shoot long-zoom cameras that snap 12MP stills.

These cameras also have some deeper controls. There are a time-lapse feature, burst shooting options and a bracketing mode. The drones come with Micro SD slots to store the moving and still images.

Ease Of Control

User’s can command each drone using the included controller. They can also mount iPad, iPhone, or Android devices loaded with the DJI Pilot app right over the sticks. That app gives real-time video feed from the drone, integrated maps, a flight-simulator feature, a heads-up display of drone settings, and a running log of all your flights.

Users can also access some autopilot modes. The drones can take off and return to the users all by themselves, and there’s a low-battery mode that automatically returns to its takeoff point so that it doesn’t fall out of the sky. The drone derives its power from a 4480 mAh battery rated for 23 minutes of flight time.

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