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Everything Smarter with the New iOS8

Everything smarter with the new iOS8


Apple announced Monday all the new and amazing features in its iOS, which includes smarter autocorrect, smarter notifications, and smarter email. But the best feature it may have that people would really love is its capability to tell you what apps are draining your iPhones and iPad the most.

Apple has no announcements yet about how it will address the most common problem among iPhone and iPad users, which is the short battery life of their mobile devices.

But the unhappy users could have a sigh of relief since the iOS 8 has a new window that tells you which apps are draining most of your mobile device’s battery life, whether the app is running, or on standby. This is a big help in solving the battery life problem, because if you are inclined, then you can simply scrape these programs from your device or turn them off for a longer battery life.

Poor battery life is the biggest concern not just among iPhone users but also for all who have smartphones. J.D. Power & Associates made a survey in 2013, which found out that among all the smartphone characteristics, battery life is the least satisfying.

Unlike speed and memory, there is not much improvement in the battery life of smartphones. The main reason for this is because smartphone manufacturers are pushing the limits of the capacity lithium-ion batteries, which generates the power for the devices. Apple is now experimenting with batteries powered by solar energy.

The iOS will be in the latest versions of the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone, which will start in this year’s fall. As of now, the iOS 8 will only be available for developers. For people who need longer battery life in their smartphones, which is typically everyone, you just have to wait until fall.

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