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First iPhone 6 Drop Tests Gave Mixed Results

Apple’s two new iphones went marked down Friday, so characteristically the Internet reacted by perceiving how rapidly they could abolish them.

Initially up is a Techsmartt analyzer, who analyzed how the iphone 6 fared when it was hung while housed in Apple’s leather and silicone iphone cases, individually. The iphone 5s in Apple’s leather case was likewise tried for comparison purposes.

The telephones held up well in the introductory drops, which were finished from pocket tallness, head stature and 10 feet over the ground. Be that as it may it was the last drop from 10 feet high with the screen face down that did in the iphone 6 and iphone 5s, both of which were housed in Apple’s leather case. Interestingly, the iphone 6 in the silicon case endured the same fall generally unscathed. However, as the analyzer notes in the feature, this could be to a greater extent an occurrence than demonstration of the cases’ relative defensive capability.

The next test was directed by Phonebuff, who drop-tried both the iphone 6 and 6 Plus from changing heights and points. Despite the fact that both handsets survived drops onto their posterior from midsection tallness, the iphone 6 Plus’ screen smashed when it was dropped on its side edge and the iphone 6’s screen in the end succumbed to a drop on its front presentation.

While the tests were a long way from experimental and the results differed, it appears both iphones will hold up sensibly well against minor knocks and drops. At the same time, just to be protected, you may need to put resources into an iphone case meanwhile at any rate, until those since quite a while ago supposed sapphire glass screens show up.

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