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Google Released a Brand New Handwriting App for Android

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Last Updated: Apr 17, 2015

Recently, Google has released a new handwriting tool for Android users called the Google Handwriting Input. We will show you the features of this brand new application, but firstly, let’s introduce the whole situation and the company behind the app.

Google has made quite a fortune in the past 5-6 years. They have started as a search engine, which they have developed so well that it has become the number one and most used search engine in the world. Quite an accomplishment, huh? Do you think it was an easy job for the company to do such thing? I don’t really think so. They have most probably invested lots of money in their projects. But the best thing in that Google was famous for working with people who are really creative and intelligent. You will see what I meant by the sentence in the next paragraph:

Google’s Workers

There has been a saying among people about Google’s employees: “Even the janitor has a P.H.D. at Google”. The company won’t hire anybody from anywhere. You have to show them that you are worth for the position you are being hired for. You have to make a show, like on TV, that you have the right attributes, qualifications and experience for the job. However, it is a pretty true fact about big, multinational companies that they don’t really take qualifications very seriously if you have the right attributes. What do I mean by that? Let’s take an example for this instance to answer this question. Let’s say you are looking for a marketing director position. You need to have 3 years’ experience in marketing and in business, you have to have a master’s degree in commerce and marketing. You have the experience, however, you only have a Bachelor’s Degree, instead of a master’s. That means nothing, however, when you are called in for an interview and you prove them you are pretty smart and you know everything about commerce, and especially, marketing, they will see that you are well-worthy for the specified position.

I had a friend who had tons of experience in programming, but no degree, since he quit his school and went working instead. Now, he has a high paying job in France, which needs a degree, however, he don’t have one but he still got the job, because he is a great programmer and the company needs his experience and attributes.

About Companies

There are not only smart people, there are also smart companies. Maybe this is not a usual saying, but I like to call them this. Big companies who don’t let bureaucracy consume them, they want to have the best people to work them. Hiring an employee with tons of experience, a good sounding degree from a great school don’t really mean that he is the best for the job. Especially if he don’t even know what to do because he only has a diploma, but he does not have the right attributes. It is very essential for a company to be smart since it will drive them to success.

Google Handwriting Input

Google Handwriting Input

We just talked about smart companies, here’s one: Google. They are people who strive to make the best products for the consumers, profit from them while making the world a more comfortable and better place.

Speaking of comfort, Google has introduced, as we have written in the first paragraph, the Google Handwriting Input, an application for Android. What is this, you would ask. The answer to your question, Dear Reader, that this application is a handwriting reader. You can write your messages by your hand or by a stylus pen, it will read it, even the most horrible handwriting, and send it to your recipient. So, that means, you can write your messages much faster since you don’t really have to type them in your phone, just write it with your bare hands. The best in this is that the app is available in 82 languages, so it will not only recognize English writings, but for example Czech and Polish too. This is a pretty great application, however, there’s a chance that it will won’t recognize some of your words and your recipient won’t fully understand what have you wrote.

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