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Google looking to partner with Motorola for Nexus 6 phablet

Google is looking to partner with its old subsidiary, just a few months after they sold Motorola over to Lenovo. The two companies will work together to build the next Nexus smartphone, named the Nexus 6.

Codenamed Shamu, after the large whale, the Nexus 6 will apparently feature a large 5.9-inch screen. In the report posted by Android Police, phone details are slim but Google is looking for something to compete with the Galaxy Note line.


One feature leaked out will be a fingerprint sensor. Google could help Motorola work on software for the fingerprint sensor, making sure it confides to Android’s standards and doesn’t use any weird third party technology, like the Galaxy S5.

Motorola has been praised for well designed smartphones like the Moto X and Moto G, but other smartphones like the Moto Droid lineup have received criticism for their rather lacklustre design options and poor quality specs.

This will be Google’s first venture with Motorola in the Nexus world. They did fund $500 million into Motorola’s advertising campaign for the Moto X and worked with them on the Project Ara modular smartphone, which has continued development at Google.

We cannot be certain about Motorola, considering previous reports on HTC, LG and Asus all working on the Nexus 6. It appears Google has contacted a lot of companies, in an attempt to work with them on the next smartphone and tablet.

Google is also working on a tablet for this year, the Nexus 9, codenamed Volantis, the name for a place in Game of Thrones. The new tablet should have a 2K display, quad-core processor and some new features to make it a true competitor.

Both products should be released whenever Android L is officially released. Google will hold some sort of small event for press, in order to reveal both devices. Knowing Google, this will probably happen sometime later in the year.

Source: Android Police

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