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Hello World!! WhatsApp Calling Feature Images Gets Leaked

WhatsApp is reportedly looking to add a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service into their messaging application in the upcoming months, in a move to make the app more competitive against Skype, Viber and other applications providing messaging and voice chat.

The new interface leaked looks remarkably similar to Apple’s stock call interface, with the three white buttons and the red button to end the call. The three buttons include mute, message and speaker, not sure why you would want to message while chatting to someone.

WhatsApp has always been a company that sticks to the stock design, something we are sure Apple likes to see. This update is no different, after WhatsApp updated to iOS7 we knew there would be no creativity on the interface design side.

Whatsapp Voice Calling

Still, VoIP is a great service to have on a messaging application, adding more value. WhatsApp still has no subscription or ad revenue, still relying only one the one time payment when you purchase the app, which has been done over 350 million times.

Facebook has given WhatsApp a safe amount of funding for the next few years, $19 billion is sure to go a long way to getting more server space to handle all the messages and will allow WhatsApp to continue growing out their service on all platforms.

However, there will come a time where Facebook checks what is making money and what is not, and that is where WhatsApp may be the target for monetization. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg did say he would not put ads on the service, but is looking at ways to make money from WhatsApp.

We could see sticker packs and even a set of premium messaging features come to WhatsApp in the near future, to increase revenue and make sure the messaging app can make money.

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