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HP teams up with Michael Bastian to develop smartwatch

Hewlett Packard is struggling to maintain their core business in the PC world, as the market revenue declines and Lenovo starts to take the market share away from the US based manufacturer, HP is looking for new avenues.

However, none of these avenues appear to be very promising for the older company, both the smartphone and tablet market have rejected HP’s devices, even the products HP has marketed towards a certain consumer have fallen flat.

A new market has arose this year – smartwatches. Every company in the mobile business is looking to make a move into the smartwatch/wearable world in some way, Android Wear and the iWatch look like the two biggest initiatives to drive the market.


HP wants a slice of the pie and unlike previous mobile products, the PC manufacturer wants to make sure this one succeeds. To do this, they will acquire the help of Michael Bastian, a US based designer with many acclaims to his name.

Already, the design has been shown off by Bastian, sporting a stainless steel watch-face with very noticeable bolts. On the side of the watch there will be three “vents” making it look like the smartwatch is letting out air to keep it cool.

The smartwatch looks sporty if nothing else, perhaps the vents make it a bit futuristic, but we are not sure if it looks any better than the Moto 360. It is a circular display, meaning HP will be designing apps for the smartwatch in circle format.

HP will be designing their own OS to run on the smartwatch, deciding against incorporating Android Wear. Not much is known about this platform, apart from the fact it will support iOS and Android devices.

Even if the design and hardware passes the test, we do wonder about the software, and if it will be able to compete with Android Wear and Apple’s iOS for wearables. HP doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to software or services.

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