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HTC One running Windows Phone coming this August

HTC stepped away from Windows Phone two years ago, after the HTC 8X and other smartphones failed to make any revenue for the company. It looks like Microsoft has brought them back, HTC is preparing to announce a new device in August.

The device in question will apparently mimic the HTC One M8, the newest smartphone from the Taiwanese smartphone maker. Instead of running on Android, this version will run Windows Phone 8.1 and will remove HTC Sense.

No word on the specs for the HTC One coming to Windows Phone, we assume it will be mostly the same, to avoid manufacturing costs. Having the same phone running two operating systems could be an easier way to keep the production line handled.

The HTC One is a fine device on its own, noted as one of the best in 2014. The design beats Nokia’s high-end Lumia lineup quite easily and the specifications offer a great deal to be desired for previous Windows Phone users.

This will not be the only new smartphone coming to Windows Phone, Samsung and LG are both preparing new high-end devices for the third place OS, according to several reports from people with insider knowledge of the companies moves.

It could make for a grand spectacle, the first time Nokia actually have real competition on Windows Phone. All too often, OEM partners for Windows Phone make lower-level devices from their Android counterparts, due to lack of interest.

This year, we might finally see some decent devices come from the Android manufacturers. It will be interesting to see if others like Samsung and LG take the high-end route or decide to develop low-end smartphones, where most of Windows Phone revenue comes from at the moment.

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