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Important secret things you never knew your Android phone could do

An Android phone has so many features that are just lying unused may be because the owners of the phones are ignorant about how to use the features or because they don’t know the features exist.

Android devices have tons of functionality that has been built into their core operating system that you can enjoy whether you own an HTC handset, a Nexus smartphone, or a Samsung Phone.

To start with, you can configure your phone to send someone’s calls straight to voicemail without the phone even ringing. Just go to contact in the Contacts app, tap Edit then scroll down to “Additional info” and select “Send straight to voicemail.”

You are also able to create canned messages in the phone or call settings so you can swipe up on the screen when the phone rings and quickly send a text message letting the caller to know that you are busy.

never knew your Android phone

Are you aware that your Android phone completely eliminates the need for you to carry and kind of USB flash drive? All you need to do is to plug it into a computer with the supplied USB cable and select media device from the options in the notification panel.

There is also a hidden shortcut in the Google Maps app that comes pre-installed on all Android phones from top global vendors.

And before you travel to an area with poor cell coverage, pull up the area where you’re headed and type “Ok Maps” in the search box. That portion of the map will be downloaded by Google Maps so you can pull it up later without using any data.

You can also set up alerts under Data Usage in your phone’s settings to help ensure that you don’t go over your monthly allotment.

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