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Iphone 5s Crushes Competition

The New York Times matched up Samsung’s Galaxy S5 against the iPhone 5s and found out that Apple’s flagship smartphone leads the competition way ahead than the rest.

According to NYT’s review, Samsung’s brand new Galaxy S5 lags off far behind iPhone 5S in almost every aspect comparable.

NYT matched up the two phones because people want to know which phone is the best regardless of the system it runs, said the newspaper’s columnist Farhad Manjoo. So, how does Galaxy S5 fair against iPhone 5S? Not very well, the columnist answered.

IPhone 5s is far superior than Galaxy S5

According to NYT, the brand new Galaxy S5 has nothing on the six-month old iPhone 5s. The newspaper found out that Galaxy S5 does not compare to iPhone 5S on any level at all.

Manjoo said Samsung’s new phone rank far behind on almost every major measurement like speed, design, and the quality of apps. Manjoo even recommended going for the iPhone 5S for people who want to have the best phone in the market at present.

According to Manjoo, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 got winning points against iPhone 5s when it comes to larger screen display, longer battery life, and water resistance. Larger screen display is perhaps the only major advantage that Galaxy S5 has over iPhone 5s. Apple will soon launch its new iPhone 6, which would be bigger, along with its iPhone phablet. These new devices have bigger screens, which mean Galaxy S5’s screen advantage would be gone in the next few months. But as of now, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is the best smartphone with a large screen.

Solving problems to increase profits

Manjoo said, when it comes to profitability, Apple makes around two thirds of the profit in the smartphone industry, while Samsung roughly makes the rest of the third.

Apple’s sales slightly slowed down due to people choosing something less expensive with a bigger screen. Apple will solve this problem with their new iPhone 6 and iPhone phablet.

One of the major new features of Apple’s iPhone 5S is the fingerprint-sensor, which makes people unlock their phone without typing any passwords. There is nothing wrong if Samsung copies this feature, just like Apple copying Samsung’s larger screen display. According to Manjoo, however, the fingerprint-sensor of Samsung doesn’t work most of the time. He fears it is just a marketing ploy, than a real app.

When it comes to speed, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 defeated iPhone 5. But now, Samsung couldn’t keep up with the iPhone 5S’s speed at whatever speed metric test.

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