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iPhone 6 to come with NFC, wireless charging and LTE-A, according to a new report

Apple is looking to make it big with the iPhone 6, the company still stands as one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers and the iPhone is still the best selling smartphone brand, but in the past few years it has started to mean less as Samsung and other Android manufacturers starting to ramp up production.

The iPhone 6 will be a whole new change in what can be done on an iPhone and a new report from VentureBeat details Apple adding more sensors to the phone. Near field communication will be the first and will change the landscape for mobile payments, tied in with the recent change to Touch ID for third party adoption.

This could be a move for Apple’s own mobile payments service or they could adopt another, like ISIS. We expect Apple to make their own, they have never been one for following a standard and considering ISIS gives a poor mobile payment experience, we cannot see the teams at Apple being happy adopting this service onto their iPhone.

Wireless charging is another feature we have been waiting for Apple to adopt, also a bit in the rough with no excellent wireless charging pad that works perfectly. Apple could come in and show a new way to wirelessly charge a phone, faster and more consistent than any other standard or wireless pad available.

Last, LTE-Advanced will be coming to the iPhone 6, this will boost 4G speeds from 150mbps to 300mbps. Currently, LTE-A is only available in South Korea and a few other countries, with most in Europe just starting to rollout full 4G LTE, the transition will not take as long considering LTE-A is the same type of network connection.

This might be Apple’s biggest step in the mobile industry since the introduction of the iPhone, a lot is riding on the success of the iPhone 6 and if Apple cannot deliver a solid product, they might fall against Samsung and other upcoming Android smartphones.

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