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iWatch will begin mass production in November

Apple has given us more than enough hints when it comes to the iWatch, CEO Tim Cook has pointed to more devices coming this year and a string of new executives coming from wearable/watch companies shows an interest in that particular market.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed in a new report he expects Apple to start mass production of the iWatch in November, quite a bit later than previous reports have suggested. Kuo has been right before when it comes to Apple launches and developments.

This will not stop Apple announcing the iWatch in October, one month later than the iPhone 6 reveal. The iWatch will be the centerpiece of Apple’s second event in the Fall, potentially coming alongside new iPads and MacBooks.

The iWatch will be featured as the all-round smartwatch, controlling notifications, changing music and recording different health and fitness stats, all sent off to the HealthKit platform.

We still have no photo leaks of the iWatch, showing the production is still internal to Apple. Once it hits the factory for mass production, we have no doubt some workers in China will manage to leak out some internal parts.

Apple will apparently use curved sapphire glass on the 2.5-inch AMOLED display, build the watch-face out of glass and metal. Cupertino recently grabbed a top Swiss watch-maker as an executive to the design of the watch.

In terms of volume, Apple might only be looking at a few million sales in 2014, as people adjust to the watch. By 2015, Apple wants around 33 million sales, hopefully 10 percent of the iPhone users will have an iWatch accessory.

No word on price, considering Android Wear came first at around $200, we expect Apple to meet around $200-300, anything more would seem too much for a notification reader with some health sensors.

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