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Keurig Plans DRM Tech in Next Coffee Machine Model

The Keurig coffee machine has become one of the most loved brands in America and this year they are looking to close in the market, creating their own coffee DRM that will stop any other coffee brands from entering the machine.

This is a big hit for other companies that have not got their own coffee machine available and Keurig is obviously looking to make sure only their coffee will work. The effectiveness of the DRM is yet to be seen, according to officials from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, it will work similar to anti-counterfeit technology.


The Keurig will have a small camera, which will see the different coffee cups and be able to verify if the coffee cup is their own brand or another brand. If it is their brand, it will allow the coffee cup to be used, if not, well you won’t be getting any coffee.

This is an extreme measure for the company and oddly it may backfire, especially if other coffee machine manufacturers offer their machine without any of this fancy DRM. Consumers, at the end of the day, want convenience and may find Keurig’s own brand tastes awful.

DRM has been deployed in a number of different markets, we originally had the huge 90s/turn of the millennia battle for music rights and movies, it then moves over to video games and e-books. In some areas, DRM is effective, but it all depends on the reasoning for why DRM is needed and what it will provide the customer and the company.

In the video game industry, DRM is one of the most hated features to be added onto games and many developers have moved away from using it, relying on the success and kindness of their audience.

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