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Meet Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse that works on any surface

Microsoft has introduced a new Bluetooth mouse that can work on just about any surface and up to 30 feet away. The distance is worth mentioning though you may wonder whether some one would work to work 30 feet away from their tablet or laptop.

Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse

This new Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse is certainly not the first wireless mouse available but it is unique because it connects to devices like tablets and laptops via Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy technology.

It is this kind of technology that makes smartwatches give updates from a smartphone that is tucked in the pocket.

This mouse measures 2.32 x 5.12 inches and uses less energy than its USB counterparts that use nano transceivers.

Watch the video here to get a brief glimpse of how the new device works:

The Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse is more energy efficient and leaves more USB open for other uses. Another advantage of the mouse is that you wouldn’t need to carry USB plug around just to use your remote mouse.

The mouse features a touch strip between the left and the right buttons that is used to navigate sites and screens.

The mouse uses Blue Track technology which allows users to use it on any surface even in a limited space.

Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse

The Arc Touch Mouse has a slim design and in the pocket it isn’t bigger than a small smartphone. It bends but when you are on the move, you can flatten it just by tapping.

The mouse costs less than $70 and is currently available at the Microsoft Store.
Microsoft has also introduced a Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Limited Edition which still uses the USB nano transceiver used in previous generations.

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