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Microsoft teases new smartwatch with patent filing

It’s no secret that Microsoft is working on a wearable device of some kind, the question is really what unique spin the software giant will have on the traditional wearable product, to differentiate from Android Wear and the iWatch.

In a new patent filing, we got a look at the sleek design of the Microsoft smartwatch, coming with a detachable body that could be removed from the band and placed on other areas like a lanyard or a different band.

The band is electronic and may have some new features that take in the users heart-rate, giving fitness and health suggestions. Microsoft will be basing their software primarily around health services, similar to the iWatch.

On the patent filing it showed a small micro USB port, which we can only assume is for charging. This is a shame considering all of the Android Wear smartwatches appear to have wireless charging and come with no open holes.

This could remove the idea of waterproof design, as the user would need an open access port to charge the device. Still, this is just a patent and Microsoft could change the smartwatch to reflect the idea of wireless charging.

Microsoft really needs to step up if they want a chance in the smartwatch battle, they were already far behind Apple and Android when it comes to tablets and unless they get a product and platform out in 2014, they might already be too late.

Android Wear is already making the rounds to plenty of manufacturers and Apple’s iWatch is expected this year, both announcements should bring millions of potential consumers into the wearables market, something likely to become dominated by Android and iOS once again.

Microsoft obviously has Nokia to back them up, but we wonder how open Samsung and HTC would be to working with Microsoft, if they are already working on Android Wear devices.

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