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Microsoft to Launch Surface Pro 4 with Fanless Design

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Last Updated: Apr 30, 2015

Rumors say that Microsoft’s brand new tablet, the Surface Pro 4 would follow the Surface 3’s fanless setup. In this article, we will introduce the huge corporate monolith, Microsoft, the world of tablets and, of course, the main point of this article the rumors about the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.


Microsoft, with its original founder Bill Gates, have emerged from a small startup electronic company to one of the world’s biggest companies. Bill Gates have left the company already, so Microsoft has had a relatively new CEO for about 4-5 years. The company is planning to issue several new devices and brands to remain in competition with Apple and Google and with other big companies. Apple and Google have been the biggest competitors of the company. Why this two companies? Where are Samsung and Sony? Samsung and Sony are competitors to Microsoft, however, only in the smartphone area, which is not the primary category of the big monolith. They prioritize in operating systems, that’s why Google and Apple have been a pain for them. Apple’s Osx and Google’s newly developed Chrome OS could present serious dangers to the company.

Microsoft has started with creating the MS-DOS operating system family, which have soon become today’s most widely known and used operating systems in the name of Windows. Windows is not famous for its bug freshness, however, the software has several functions that can be used for many things. For example, a university student can use the operating system to browse the internet, download and create documents, write in the documents, and so on. A forex trader, for example, can use the system to run his or her charts that he or she uses for trading. There are also many other programs and applications that can be downloaded and installed to the OS.

MS-DOS Operating System

Windows is the near perfect operating system for a normal user. You can, of course, use the system if you are a hardcore user too. Users with wide knowledge of the OS can get the most out of it easily since the operating system has several functions that can only be reached by advanced users. For example, people who can code can set several settings that will improve the performance of the Microsoft Windows.

Some people use their knowledge of an operating system in a bad way. They usually crack software that needs to be bought in order to use them. This is called internet piracy. Piracy has been pretty popular in the last 5-6 years. This could be due to the economic state of most people and because several products are pretty overpriced. For example, some of the music albums on iTunes cost even more than 20 bucks while they don’t really provide you quality. In the latter case internet piracy can be understood, however, as it is an illegal act it should not be tolerated.


Tablets have been part of our lives more than 4 years. The first tablet that has been released and was pretty popular was Apple’s iPad 1. The product has been a huge success since both the software for the device and the hardware was made properly. If somebody does not know what tablets are let me explain. Just imagine tablets as smartphones with huge displays and with better hardware. However, a tablet is not a huge upgrade from a smartphone since the latter has the same functions as the earlier. However, a big screen can help people in several ways. Tablets can also provide an alternative to laptops if you don’t really want to buy a notebook, which price can be pretty high.

Must Watch – Surface Pro 4: Rumors & Speculation

The Rumors about the Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is rumored to have a fanless Intel CPU inside the device, which was designed by Intel’s newest Broadwell technology. Is this a good thing? Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows? The problem with a fanless processor could be that it has a huge chance to become overheated quickly, however, there could be positive things that could come from it. For example, since there isn’t a fan included in the tablet the CPU will amass less space and the tablet could also be more lightweight.

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