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Could A Mix of Standing and Sitting be the Answer to More Productivity at Work?

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Last Updated: Jun 18, 2015

It seems like these days are all about productivity at work and some companies out there are looking for new ways to keep up with the competition. What makes an employee more productive? Well, some businesses (and individuals in this case) are taking the question pretty seriously and the solutions that are coming up might not be what some would consider as the standard means we currently use. Nevertheless, an individual has created a chair that might bring in a new option when it comes to performing better at the office.

The issue at work is often the stance – we manage to find the best ways to multitask our jobs on the computer screen, but we grow tired after a few hours and perhaps even less if sitting for long periods of time is simply not what you’re able to do. Then, standing comes as another option to produce more at work, but standing consistently brings problems when it comes to comfort, and make it hard to focus. Comfort is also obviously important to produce at work, especially when it comes to creativity, because you want to reach that zone where everything becomes clear and the best ideas come to mind. So, what should we do, and what should we buy?

Here’s the LeanChair, a new concept brought forward by a Kentucky inventor named Wayne Deager, who’s aiming to change how we work at the office… or anywhere in fact. Deager’s invention is a chair and work space that can be assembled after being ordered from their first Kickstarter project which is just about to reach its $25 000 objective, with around $23 000 in funding received from 72 contributors. Those people will get to try the new chair first, and if the reactions of the people in the original video are of any indication, the owners are in for plenty of comfort and more work done. The item is planned to ship on November 2015 and to have a retail price of around $250.

How does The LeanChair Work?

Its concept is pretty simple, but one that just didn’t have its creator and name it seems. The LeanChair takes on a stance between sitting and standing and puts the worker in a slightly diagonal stance, which removes weight on the legs. The owner is said to have around 25% of his or her weight removed, and to therefore have more comfort and endurance at work.

LeanChair Work

The LeanChair can either work with your current work environment, especially if you bought a standing desk, or it also comes with its own adjustable workspace, which includes a grip for your laptop to stay well in place as well as a smooth surface for your mouse. Fortunately, the LeanChair is adjustable and will be able to fit people of many sizes. The back of the chair is made of cushion and leather for more comfort. For support, the LeanChair is made with an industrial-strength frame because obviously people will want to trust such a thing, and especially the first buyers will want to avoid any accidents.

Can Wayne Dagger be trusted? The individual seems to be pretty convincing on his Kickstarter page and states to have been inducted in the Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame in 2012 and to having built several businesses. 6 prototypes were created so far to reach the current version and Dagger seems to be focused on making everything in his power to keep improving his invention and states that his contributors might put their hands on an even better version than the one presented when it arrives at their doorstep: “In the event a modification is required during the Design For Manufacturing process, I will only undertake modifications that improve the overall product, and will never compromise on safety, stability, quality, or overall effectiveness. The production model LeanChair you receive will be better than the prototype presented here.” we can read at the end of his project presentation.

Will It Succeed?

The LeanChair indeed takes on an important problem at workplace and could reach bigger success depending on how people perceive it and feel the difference. Surely, its weird look could be one thing that’s going against it, but the product does have some things going in its favor to outweigh the awkwardness, and the main one would be its price.


The LeanChair doesn’t cost more than your standard desk or chair and could easily represent some savings depending on the setup you originally wanted to put your hands on. This immediately puts it in a competitive position compared to its alternatives, and despite being an innovation coming out of Kickstarter, it doesn’t come as pricey as many would expect. The adjustments the user can make, the amount of stress removed on the body, and its ambitious take on what is probably a rising health problem in America – sitting – make the product attractive pretty much right off the bat. Only time will tell if more people enjoy what’s called “leaning”, instead of sitting or standing. Interesting to say the least…

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