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Moto 360 price leaked in Motorola’s hardware contest

Motorola has been looking for ways to get the community involved with the Moto 360, the Google Hangout showed off the wearable and revealed a couple of new features Motorola has over the competition.

In an attempt to get fans to build watch faces for the Moto 360, Motorola has revealed the price of the smartwatch, even though the company has commented this is subject to change when it is officially released.

We are glad to say its cheaper than expected, previous reports detailed the Moto 360 coming in at around $339, but the ARV (approximate retail value) on the contest reveals a slightly cheaper $249 price tag.

This is a bit cheaper than the Samsung Gear smartwatches and the leaked price for the LG G Watch and we truthfully thought Motorola would take advantage of the more impressive design with a higher price.

We don’t actually know a lot about the Moto 360 internals and what new features Motorola will bring to the table. The Moto 360 will be water resistant and will most likely have wireless charging instead of wired.

The main feature right now is the circular display and how Android Wear will work on the new interface. Other manufacturers have been developing smartwatches with the same square displays, but Motorola wants to be different.

Android Wear is another area where we still have questions, but we mostly just want to see how Android developers work on a new platform for the wrist and what implementations of Google Now can be brought to third party apps.

Google is obviously set on Android Wear, perhaps more-so than Google Glass at the moment, but they need to get hardware, software and services aligned from all different companies in order to make the OS a perfect product.

We should see a big announcement at Google I/O in June, showing the finalised version of Android Wear.

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