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Moto X+1 leaked on camera, showing Motorola boot animation

The Moto X is due a revival, after a year of sales, Motorola is looking to get their successor out into the world and new leaks show the Moto X+1 on video, showing off the Motorola boot animation for the device.

TK Tech News has once again been on-point with the leaks, following up from the Galaxy S5 LTE-A. The Moto X+1 has been noted on the Motorola website and it seems like only a matter of time before an official launch happens.

The Moto X+1 will reportedly sport the same sort of design the Moto X had, the customisable back covers will most likely make a return on the successor and we are hoping for a 2560 x 1440 resolution display, although it is more likely we will get 1080p.

Motorola surprised everybody when they announced the Moto X would come with a 720p display and mediocre internals, making it a hard purchase for $199 on contract. Fortunately, the prices started dropping and Motorola’s flash sales have been great for getting stock out into the hands of customers.

The Moto X+1 will be running a standard version of stock Android, alongside some of Motorola’s own apps and services. Generally speaking, Motorola has one of the best outlooks at how a manufacturer should work on Android, better than Samsung and LG who love to change the interface.

Hopefully, Motorola will learn from their past mistakes and make sure the Moto X+1 is available worldwide. Lenovo, their new owners, will be pushing for this to happen, already closing down the U.S. factory in Fort Worth, Texas, moving production to China.

Not having an exclusivity deal with one of the carriers would be great as well, the Moto X was an incredible device, but the price, lack of carrier choice, U.S only launch and failure to bring some of the customisable features really panned it into the ground.

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