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New Chromium code reveals Nexus 6 and Nexus 8

The Nexus program might have another year to continue going on, as Google looks to wrap it up in favor of Android Silver, the new program developed to show off the best of Android with additional incentives for users to buy those phones.

New Chromium code suggests Google will be bringing the Nexus 6 and Nexus 8 into the market in the next few months. Spotted by SmartDroid, the code shows the new Nexus smartphone and tablet, both coming in 2014.

Starting with the smartphone, the Nexus 6 will be another step forward from Google and LG. The phone will be based of the design of the LG G3, with the same internal components and without the back buttons apparent on the LG G3.

The Nexus 8 will be the tablet this year, one inch bigger than the Nexus 7 and worked on by HTC, instead of Asus. Google apparently chose HTC after Asus failed to make decent tablet sales in 2013.

Both devices will be running Android 4.5, the next version of the mobile OS. We have heard Google will be adding a new mobile payments solution, a whole new UI with new Web and HTML5 features, Google Now integrated into third party apps and more support for Google Glass and Android Wear.

We still don’t know exactly what Google is planning for the next iteration, it might be Android 5 and not 4.5, giving Google more room to make big leaps forward in the platform. New rules will be added to partners, making sure they update frequently and new phones have the newest version of the OS.

Google will most likely announce the two Nexus devices at Google I/O in late June. The tablet may come a bit later, Google are known for odd launch times when it comes to their Nexus devices. Android 5 should be previewed at I/O.

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