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New Plex update adds free Chromecast support

Plex has updated their official iOS companion app, adding more free and premium features onto the service for mobile users looking to store media on their server and broadcast media to TVs, through Chromecast.

Plex App

The first bit of news is Chromecast support will now be available for free users, who do not have a Plex Pass subscription. The Plex Pass costs $3.99 a month or $29.99 a year and for big fans of the service Plex offers a one-time $74.99 subscription for life.

Users will be able to stream music, photos and video through the Chromecast. This is another small update, on the previous version of Plex, premium users could only stream videos through Chromecast. Not sure why you would want to stream photos through the Chromecast, but it is a feature nonetheless.

Other updates include automatic camera upload, Plex is following the trend of storage providers who take all the photos uploaded from the camera to their servers automatically, meaning users do not have to go into their gallery and choose the photos they want to upload. This feature has been available on Dropbox and other services for some time now, Plex is a little late to the party.

The new update adds play queues and shuffling, a requested feature. For Plex premium users, there is also Plex Sync, an offline media viewing tool and syncing media to the cloud. Plex has also ironed out some of the common bugs in the application.

Users running iOS 5.1 and above can download the update for free on their iPhone, iPad and iPod. The app is available for $4.99 if you have yet to download it and offers lots of cross platform compatibility.

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