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Leaked, Oculus Rift may have a Controller

Photos posted on Oculus Rift website may have inadvertently revealed the peripherals the company has planned for its Rift VR headset. On Tuesday, some images appeared briefly on Oculus website after it was updated. The images show a controller, a headset with a camera on the front, and a wired object that looks like a charging stand for the headset.

Oculus will on Thursday hold a press event to discuss the Rift. This event is expected to clear the air on this gadget since some people have been speculating that the images were the final version of the headset and its peripheral devices including the controller. However, Palmer Luckey, the Oculus co-founder, dismissed the rumors and cautioned people not to read too much into the images. The images have been removed from the site.

Palmer explained that the “leaked” images were actually placeholder concept images that they accidentally posted, and everything in them was ancient and nowhere near the final gadget. Even though the images are dated, they may contain a preview of what Oculus VR will discuss this week.

Rift Tracker

One of the images showed a box with a list of items included with the headset. The list shows that the Rift will ship with a device called a gamepad, a controller called a Simple Input Device (SID), a “Rift tracker,” and cables. The tracker is presumably for tracking head movements.

The SID has a button that might be for returning to a previous screen, a circular touchpad, and plus and minus buttons. The gamepad was not shown in any of the images. The accessory that looks like a stand could be the tracker.

Last month, Oculus said the headset that is highly anticipated would reach consumers in the first quarter of next year. There’s nothing on pricing yet, but Brendan Iribe, the Oculus CEO said at a conference last month that the headset would cost about US$1,500 when a PC equipped to run it is included. From the specs recently released by Oculus, we can infer that a well-appointed PC will be needed to use the Rift.

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