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Overview of Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo’s original 3D handheld debuted three years ago and it has been a hit. Over 44 million units have been sold to date. But the recent depressing earning reports now makes it necessary to give 3D another shot.

Nintendo’s original 3D

There are two hardware refreshes that have been lined up – the New 3DS and New 3DS LL. One is bigger than the other but both will come with analogue stick, new buttons and some new 3D screen assistance. Which means you will be able to switch on the 3D effect while playing games.

3D effect

Nintendo 3DS launched in Japan and parts of Asia and is expected in Australia and New Zealand soon. It may also make its way to the rest of the world at the same point due to its fair cost. If you already have an older model, you need to consider an upgrade.

With the new 3DSes, Nintendo has managed to make 3D effect work comfortably. The hardware also looks more refined on both models.

Nintendo 3D effect work

The screens have also been improved and both the handhelds have new buttons and new controls. Nintendo has added secondary trigger keys labeled as ZL and ZR.


The New 3DS LL has a slight granite sparkle on the interior, while the New 3DS has a nice matte white finish having colored input buttons. It offers optional customizable plates combined with a nice touch.

granite sparkle


  • 3D screen works better and is more enjoyable to use
  • Secondary analog pad offers better and richer control options
  • Upgraded processor does everything faster


  • Some games work differently on the last-generation 3DSes
  • Customizable plates only offered on the smaller New 3DS but not on the larger New 3DS LL.
  • Buying games and apps is still a chore

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