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    Turn Your Fingernail into a Track pad Using NailO

    It is considered bad business behavior to swipe away on your smartphone during a meeting. So what can you do if you have a crucial message that you want to send during such a time? Well, using NailO from... Read More

  • Gadgets News - Videos, Reviews, Technology & More

    Meet Jawbone’s UP4 Fitness Tracker That Also Makes Payments

    UP4 is a wristband that can track your exercise by measuring your heart rate, analyzing your shut-eye, counting your steps and at the same time make purchases. Jawbone revealed the UP4 on Wednesday late at night. The wristband will... Read More

  • Gadgets News - Videos, Reviews, Technology & More

    Google Released a Brand New Handwriting App for Android

    Recently, Google has released a new handwriting tool for Android users called the Google Handwriting Input. We will show you the features of this brand new application, but firstly, let’s introduce the whole situation and the company behind the... Read More

  • Gadgets News - Videos, Reviews, Technology & More

    Sharp Announces the Latest 5.5-INCH IGZO Display with 4K

    Sharp has announced a new display for smartphones. The new screen measures 5.5 inches (across) and has a record 806 pixels per inch pixel density. While it has become the norm for flagship smartphones to have 1440 x 2560... Read More

  • Unique Gadgets

    Gadgets News - Videos, Reviews, Technology & More

    5 Unique Gadgets That Will Force You to Obey the Law

    You might have bought an electronic gadget then manipulated it to do whatever you want. Probably you went overboard and did illegal things with your gadget, may be without being aware that you were breaking the law, or you... Read More

  • Gadgets News - Videos, Reviews, Technology & More

    Drone Sports Ultrasound Navigation With 4K Video Is Finally Here

    4K video is not a readily noticeable improvement over the plain old 1080p in most cases. For example, a close inspection of your friends’ bald spots, a sweeping pass over an alpine meadow, or an aerial fly-by of a... Read More

  • Apple Soon

    Gadgets News - Videos, Reviews, Technology & More

    Apple Soon To Come Up With A Third New IPhone Model

    Apple Will Shock The World With A Third New Iphone Model Apple made its first foray into the world of larger screened iPhones by releasing the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. This strategy worked well for Apple.... Read More

  • Gadgets News - Videos, Reviews, Technology & More

    Lenovo Pocket Projector Is Here For Beaming And Sharing Entertainment

    If you have been looking for a device that you can use to beam and share entertainment and presentations then Lenovo has an answer for you. Lenovo has made a fantastic little device called Pico Projector that can project... Read More

  • Gadgets News - Videos, Reviews, Technology & More

    Planning To Buy A Watch? Better Go For Apple Watch 2

    Apple has just launched a new product, the Apple Watch that is sure to cause a lot of excitement. So if you had a plan to buy a new watch, better go for this watch. As one observer said,... Read More

  • Gadgets News - Videos, Reviews, Technology & More

    $1 Million In 49 Minutes-Pebble Smartwatch Sets A New Record On Kickstarter

    The new Pebble Time smartwatch is the coolest gadget in the world of crowdfunding if the excitement it has elicited is anything to go by. The smartwatch is breaking all Kickstarter records. Pebble started receiving preorders for the Pebble... Read More


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