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Personal Health Tech Boom Could Save A Few Lives

There is a big move in the tech market towards health related devices, especially in the fitness market where more people want to get fit through exercise and virtual assistants giving information, tips and goals to set.

This type of personal health could be a huge boom in health, especially for people who could not afford a gym membership or personal trainer for a year. With all the different mobile apps offering free solutions and cheap gadgets to track weight and exercise, it is become easier than ever to get fit.

It is not just the fitness programs or simplicity of having a smart band on your wrist that will lead to an overwhelming majority of people buying these personal gadgets, but the way all the information you need to develop is available at the swipe of a finger, literally.

This type of open and include information has been available on mobiles for years, but now we have smart bands and other small, unrecognised gadgets on the wrist, offering a more indepth look at your day to day activities, allowing more information to be added.

At the moment, most of this information is used to get thin or fit, but in the future we could use these gadgets to pin-point muscle problems, stress and other issues, possibly relaying them back to the Doctor or a health app that offers advice.

This type of health doctor is reportedly being worked on by Google and some other companies, like 23 and Me, as a way to personalise the experience and give more details directly to the user.

It may be a few years off before our smartphone is telling us what pills we should take to relieve the muscle ache in our leg, but the technology is already available and just needs to be built into a gadget.

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