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Planning To Buy A Watch? Better Go For Apple Watch 2

Apple has just launched a new product, the Apple Watch that is sure to cause a lot of excitement. So if you had a plan to buy a new watch, better go for this watch. As one observer said, “Apple always gets things right on the second try”. This watch is better than it predecessor.

As always, the launch of Apple products is met by plenty of buzz, and Apple is known to design products that are better that their original versions, that’s why it’s always prudent to wait for the second version of any Apple product, and that’s what we have here.

Apple has not yet revealed how much it is going to charge for the watch but it is expected to cost some thousands of pounds. So if you are planning to lay your hand on this watch, you might want to wait until Apple works out on what it’s going to do.

A word of caution though, new things are exiting but they can also be risky. Whenever Apple brings out its innovations, it usually needs a year to work out how best to use them.

Apple Watch

That is very true the first time it launches an entirely new product category. For example, its first iPad was bulky, its first iPhone did not have a 3G and was not very good at taking calls.

Apple had made some sacrifices on its previous watch. It had left out the tracking technology and some of the sensors it was hoping to put in. Now with the new watch it is expected that Apple is going to sort these out so we can get a smarter watch.

The battery could also last longer than that of the previous version, but still it does not go very far. Apple has been working to manage expectations about Apple Watch battery; but still this is expected to last a few hours with lots of use, and even without much use, it can’t go more than a day. However, Apple usually works on the smaller details between its big releases, like processing power, etc and may be it could use its time to work on the battery issue so as to let users wear it for longer.

The watch is expected to be thinner and also to offer wireless charging. So if the power runs out, this will make getting it powered back easier.

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