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PPLConnect wants to offer first virtual smartphone

The world of mobile phone sales is becoming less about texts and calls and more about the data you are able to use on your device. Plenty of providers now offer unlimited calls and texts no matter the price of the package, but will make sure you pay more for data.

This has lead to an evolution in phone calls and texts, nowadays we rarely text but instead use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, we rarely call but use Skype, Viber and other VoIP services.

While data is still the core element of all of this and plenty of these services are mobile only, PPLConnect has a plan to escape large data contracts by offering your mobile phone on the Internet.

Users will be able to call people through their laptop and text through their tablet, all by using the Internet rather than their 3G or 4G provider. This is not only cheaper, but in most cases the data for Internet through an ISP.

PPLConnect is still in beta and the startup is trying to push for cross platform functionality, something iMessage and Google Voice are struggling to do. This could be the reason for people to switch to PPLConnect, to get a text message on one device and reply through another.

Still, we do not see this as a huge problem for users, unless they always find their mobile phone out of charge. Texting and calls are starting to become less important to users, although we guess it would be nice to answer calls on our computer when our phone is dead.

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