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Samsung drops Tizen OS smartphone launch in Russia

Samsung has announced Russia will not getting a taste of their homegrown OS any time soon, after the previous announcement of a Q3 release this year has been changed, following issues in the development process of Tizen OS.

The issues will not stop Samsung from launching the first Tizen OS smartphone, named the Samsung Z, in other regions like India. Plans to launch the phone in Japan and France were both scrapped by the carriers in the countries.

This is big news for Russia, with the developer community actually interested in the launch of Tizen OS. Samsung has not announced when or if the Samsung Z will launch in Russia, hopefully this will only be a slight delay.

Tizen OS has been Samsung’s second operating system away from Android, which they have worked on for the past few years. Still, we have no smartphone currently available on the market running the OS, only the Samsung Gear smartwatch.

The Indian launch appears to be going unscathed, with the third quarter still Samsung’s goal. It would be nice to finally see the Samsung Z available somewhere in the world, to finally test out Samsung’s homegrown OS.

Orange apparently dropped the Samsung Z in France due to lack of interest, same with NTT DoCoMo in Japan. This does not look good for Samsung, who might need the popularity of Tizen OS to make Google change their opinions on some Android features.

If Tizen OS becomes popular, Google will be more likely to change their mind on certain issues in Android, towards Samsung’s favor. Larry Page, Google’s CEO, is already against Tizen OS becoming popular and has had talks with Samsung’s executive staff on the matter.

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