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Samsung ignores Galaxy S4 owner after his phone burnt, turns to HTC One

Samsung has not had the greatest PR when it comes to their smartphones and replacements. In one case brought up on Reddit, TweektheGeek’s Galaxy S4 had burnt in the night and he decided to post on Reddit to show the issue.

Samsung replied to the Reddit user, saying they would take the burnt model and replace it with a new model. The package to ship the old one back came, but the user has still to be given a replacement and Samsung has apparently dodged his messages.

In a move to try and get their attention once again, TweektheGeek put another post on the /r/Android subreddit, in an attempt to get a Samsung executives attention, instead, he got the attention of someone from HTC.

The HTC representative offered a free HTC One for his trouble and it looks like Samsung has lost another customer. There is no doubt Samsung will respond now, but we think it is too late for the user and many reading the issue.

Samsung has had some trouble with batteries burning in the past, even first party batteries. The issue becomes even more apparent when the plastic, a material Samsung continues to use, becomes a hazard in fire, compared to metal.

It might not be that widespread of an issue, Apple has its problems with third party cables on the iPhone in China. It does mean that other OEM partners like HTC and LG can look to grab annoyed customers.

Samsung needs to keep a decent reputation if they want to continue being the biggest Android seller worldwide. Currently they are head and shoulders above everyone else, but in a few years HTC and LG might be the new favorites.

We have already seen Galaxy S5 shipments slow compared to other year’s flagships, meaning that Samsung needs to put more priority on offering an excellent service, and not just think about the most cost effective solution.

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