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Sharp Announces the Latest 5.5-INCH IGZO Display with 4K

Sharp has announced a new display for smartphones. The new screen measures 5.5 inches (across) and has a record 806 pixels per inch pixel density. While it has become the norm for flagship smartphones to have 1440 x 2560 pixels or 2K (or QHD) displays, 4K screen is the next big thing.

The new display from Sharp has a resolution of 2160 by 3840 pixels.The screens are to hit the market in 2016 and may first appear in the smartphones manufactured by Chinese manufacturers. The displays will render high-quality images because of the IGZO technology. The screen will not consume much power.

Samsung Is Not Left Behind

Samsung may also start producing 5.9-inch 4K Supper AMOLED display in mass. This Samsung’s screen will have a pixel density of 700 pixels per inch. A report indicated in November last year that Samsung was planning to release a 5.9-inch display for the Galaxy Note 4 successor. The display was to have a 2160 x 3840 pixels resolution.

Early last year, Samsung hinted at its Semiconductor and Display Technology Roadmap workshop that it was working to produce a 2 Super AMOLED mobile display panel with a pixel density of 560 pixels per inch. It also hinted that it was working on an even better display – a 4K display with a pixel density of 860 pixels per inch and a resolution of 2160 x 3480 pixels (UHD).

AMOLED mobile display

Earlier this year, rumors had it that LG Display and LG Chemical was expected to start mass production of a new flexible all-plastic OLED display panels by July. The firms had given details of the new flexible display technology and had even made first samples available for manufacturers.

LG’s new flexible display has an efficiency of 60 lumens per Watt and features a 3000K colour temperature, peak brightness output of 807-nits, and a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 85. So while the display might not be the best in the market as compared to other glass-based displays, it comes close.

LG's new

The flexible plastic-OLED that LG makes (G Flex2 and LG G-Flex) still feature some glass in them until now. The glass limits their bending radius to a maximum of 75 mm and also prevents them from being shatter-proof.

But the upcoming LG’s all-plastic OLED display panels are virtually shatter-proof and now feature a bending radius at a much sharper 30 mm.

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