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Skulpt Review: The Effective Fitness Tracker

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Last Updated: Jan 12, 2016

Skulpt is an innovative technology that uses Electrical Impedance Myography (EIM) to analyze the percentage of fat and your muscle quality by sending a small current through one muscle at a time. Following frustrations as neurologists,Dr. Seward Rutkoveat Harvard Medical School held aresearch to find the best way to measure muscle health about 13 years ago. He collaborated with a physicist at the University of Northeastern and Engineers at MIT. Skulpt technology comes with two products for the consumer that is Aim and Chisel.

Each person uniquely monitors their health and enforces good habits to achieve it. In light of this, Skulpt technology offers various benefits for people wanting to undertake fitness of any kind. Using Skulpt app, you can easily monitor your muscle status and receive feedback via your mobile phone. It provides an honest assessment of your health in a rough way.

The payment plan has a 45-day money back guarantee. The company subjects customers outside the US to taxes in their countries. Customers also pay for shipping charges.


Skulpt Aim Bundle costs $ 199 per unit and includes the following:

  • A Skulpt Aim
  • Charging cradle
  • Travelling pouch
  • Water bottle for spraying

Product information and claims about Skulpt

The designer of Skulpt technology claims it measures body fat percentage with precision providing quality rating unlike other devices on the market.They claim that it is the world’s first device to measure muscle quality and fat percentage.

How Skulpt works?

Skulpt is used to measure four specific areas such as biceps, triceps, abs and quads. It is easy to use. Spray the sensor with some water to ensure contact with your body and place the device on your muscle. It takes a couple of seconds to take measurements, and you can view the results. Measure the individual muscles for precision. There are videos available on the website to show you just how o take the measurement. You can view the body’s Muscle Quality (MQ) and fat percentage figures instantly.

Composition of Skulpt

Users and Guests: Skulpt Aim supports up to 6 different users at a time
Bluetooth/firmware update: Helps in updating future enhancement to the product
Compatible devices: iPhone 5 and above and Android with Jellybean 4.3 to store the app
Connectivity: Bluetooth


Battery Type: Rechargeable NIMH
Battery Life: Charge the device when battery runs low using a USB cable
LED Light Ring: Change to different colors to represent different users
Memory: used to store individual muscle measurements

The benefits of Skulpt

  • Improves and help you get better metrics of your weight, therefore, understanding the needs of your body
  • Avoid unnecessary weight increments or losses by keeping precise measurement, therefore, giving you exact status of the body and adjusting behaviors accordingly
  • The AIM offers a granular view of the body hence helping improve the conditions of the muscles
  • Helps you keep tab of your overall physical/health condition
  • Get a Granular View of Your Body
  • Skulpt works faster in giving the body’s muscle status report and fat percentage

Disadvantages of Skulpt

  • Battery life depends on use and configuration; actual results will vary
  • The system may not be fit if not updated regularly
  • If you tamper with the device voids the warranty
  • You must have a compatible device for it to work such as iPhone 5 and above or Android with Jellybean 4.3

Instructions on how to use Skulpt

  • Power Up the gadget 2 hours before use. Full charge is 8 hours
  • Take measurements. The app asks you to choose which muscle to measure
  • Use the spraying bottle to spray water on the sensor to allow skin contact with the gadget
  • Place the device on the right muscle(s)
  • The lights will turn red to green when there is contact with the muscle, and the reading reflects immediately.


  • It is not safe for pregnant women
  • Those already using electrical implants such as heart pacers should not use it.
  • Update your skulpt Aim regularly to get new features

The effects of Skulpt

Skulpt uses a battery and requires disposal after some time. Batteries are environmentally unfriendly if not dispose of well. Skulpt is not good for people using heart pacers.

Final Verdict

The distinctive feature of AIM is its consistency in revealing your actual muscle and fat percentage status. It is a portable and lightweight device for monitoring your health. It also provides a granular view of your body to help you give attention to the entire body. There are some fitness trackers in the market, therefore, choosing one becomes an issue. Assess your needs such doing athletics, walking, skipping and many others activities that make you fit. There are trackers with apps that require a mobile phone. If your fitness activity is walking, you don’t need a heart-rate monitor and a GPS tailored towards athletes and exercise enthusiasts.

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