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Upcoming Technology Of The Year Usb-C By Yahoo.Com

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Last Updated: Sep 23, 2016

This has been a pretty huge year for most of the companies especially the ones that deal with technical stuff. A lot of technology has really been unleashed this year and hence putting a number to every bit of technology that has been released this year will prove to be really difficult. Technologies such as pay-with-your-phone systems and many other technologies have been released this year. Well, I can clearly tell you that this is the trending technology of the year that is the USB-C by This tech. is not only awesome because of its distinct features rather also because it affects nearly everyone. From owners of phones, laptops, tablets and even desktops. This is a gadget that saves us time and even money.

What Is A Usb-C?

This is a small connector that usually carries power, video and even data simultaneously. This gadget usually replaces the famous laptop cord, USB jacks and headphone jack. It’s really amazing as the top and bottom is identical and looks just the same. That means that you can insert any end of the cable. This device saves you a lot of time as it charges your gadgets faster and asides from that it also transfers your data faster than before. This device carries a lot of advantages including the fact that this device is very tiny and hence portable making it easy to ferry it from one place to another.

Advantages Of The Usb-C


  • Rounding up the advantages, the first and foremost is the fact that it is very fast compared to other devices.
  • It is very portable and hence very easy to carry from one place to another making it very convenient for its users
  • It transfers data very fast and hence ends up saving time for its user.

This device is very efficient for its users as the device can work on any given device meaning that it doesn’t discriminate on any given device. Things have really been made easier for its users as you can now use this USB for almost everything. Its specifications were completed late last year. Apparently, some of the rival giant companies such as Apple and Google engineers had already thought of this idea and even dreamed about it but never really executed it.

You can also buy other gadgets from other companies with this very gadget. It is rumored that upcoming phones from various giant companies such as Samsung Galaxy 7 will come equipped with this very device. When asked what USB-C meant, the Intel executive of Yahoo, Brad Saunders who led the team who developed the USB-C6 said that developing the gadget was an idea that the engineers had come up with a while back and had decided to implement it. Most of the amazing gadgets that have been produced this year come equipped with it and some of the devices especially the phone that have been announced to be launched next year will come equipped with it apparently.


This USB is so amazing that it can engage in bidirectional charging. Have you ever had so much charge on your tablet and yet your phone’s battery is almost empty. Have you ever wished that you could transfer your charge to your phone, well with this device, it is very much possible. You can now charge your phone through your tablet or any other device. I mean how cool that is. This was not possible before but with the new USB-C, there is only possibility.

With this device, everyone is on the winning side. From the companies to the companies. This is because as a consumer, you benefit from the fact that now you don’t need to carry so many chargers as you can use one charger for all your devices. For the companies, things are made easier as companies cut down on packaging and materials as now one charger is needed for most devices. We have seen that most devices produced now are using this device. A device such as Mac Book from Apple that was recently announced is using it. Also, Chrome book Pixel from Google is also using it.

Its speed is amazing as it has a speed of 10 gigabits per every second. This speed is twice as that of USBs that were previously used. This USB is expected to become the primary port for just millions of devices.

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This USB is like no other. It simplifies our work to a whole new level. From its portability to its effectiveness, its efficiency to its speed. It has to be one of the best technologies for this year. Most of the devices set to be released next year will most probably come equipped with this device. This USB-C will most likely be used by other big companies to be used with their devices.

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