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There is a new tablet from Blackphone producers

With reports of hacking flying everywhere, privacy has become an issue. Many products are now designed to keep private data safely in your phone. That’s what those behind the Blackphone handset are planning to do.

They want to produce a tablet that runs on PrivatOS and is packed with full security settings to allow users to have a peace of mind. The tablet will offer secure texts, calls and video chats.

As part of the security system, it is installed with a Wi-Fi manager which prevents it from being tracked. It also has an ad-blocker which prevents targeted pop-up ads from reaching the browser.


One of the disappointments that reviewers have mentioned is that it does not offer Google Play Store despite its high price tag.

The CTO of Silent Circle, Jon Callas did not release the launching date or the pricing information of the tablet, but said it is targeting those who need to have a secure tablet.

“The first challenge is whether it would have a big distribution and sell to enough consumers. The second challenge is brand awareness and the third challenge is whether consumers would want to pay extra for that extra security,” said Neil Mawston, a mobile and strategy analyst.

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