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This could be the new Microsoft’s Smartwatch

Rumor mills have been spinning about Nokia and Microsoft working on separate wearable tech. The rumors about Microsoft seemed more credible based on a report that surfaced some days back.

The report sated that Microsoft might be getting ready to release a new smartphone soon – may be a few weeks’ time.

Now there is tangible evidence because Microsoft recently filed for a new device which has also been cleared by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This device is most likely to be the Microsoft’s new smartwatch.

microsoft smartwatch

The filing was labeled as “Mobile Wireless Device” but the device only contains Bluetooth LE for connectivity indicating that it must be a smartwatch. The reason being, devices that only contain Bluetooth are usually Bluetooth mice and keyboards but Microsoft never goes too deep into such accessories.


Another reason why we believe it is a smartwatch is that it comes in three sizes: large, medium and small, so it can’t be a keyboard or a mouse but a wearable.
It could be a fitness tracker or maybe another small sized device which is likely to be a smartwatch.


Since Microsoft was also rumored to be working on a fitness device, all three of these could as well be fitness trackers. Let’s wait and see.

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