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What are the Pros of iPhone 6?

For the short time that users have had the iPhone 6 a lot of its strengths have been noticed that make it stand out among other smartphones.


The iPhone 6 Plus is a great handset with a large display and other impressive features that can make you buy it if you don’t have one already.

Here are some of its pros:

Battery life:

The iPhone 6 plus can not only go for a whole day without needing a recharge, but will also extend for a good part of the next day too. It is this battery life that makes many users to like the iPhone 6 Plus.

Brilliant display:

The iPhone 6 Plus boasts a 5.5-inch gorgeous display that is great for everything from playing games, to watching movies to reading e-books.

iPhone 6

A tool for doing real work:

The iPhone 6 Plus can do almost anything you would want a smartphone to do. That’s why it is a good replacement for even an iPad or Kindle Fire HDX.

launcher screen

Superior camera:

The camera on the iPhone 6 Plus is a huge improvement in all aspects. It produces sharp images and can even work in low light conditions. This is a great leap forward.

It’s tough:

Those who have used the phone say it can take falls without any damage. Its screen also seems to resist scrapes and scratches as well.

iPhone 6 Plus rear flat

New vibrate motor:

The new vibrate motor is powerful and beefy; you can easily feel it when vibrating even if the handset is in a jacket pocket.

Call quality:

Its speakers and microphones are superior in every way and deliver excellent call quality.

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